My commitment a year ago

A year ago I made a commitment and put the reminder in my phone to  “Trust God” in all that I do.  I’ve have comments come back like “that’s boring.” or “you really lead an exciting life don’t you?” (the last one was more of sarcastic tone, if you didn’t get that.).

But it has been an exciting year.  I’ve watched God’s handiwork over and over again in providing for what we needed, and blessing us at times when we didn’t think we deserved it.   As I look back all that occurred for this year were things we had planned in previous years, but we weren’t ready for it yet.

Its still a journey, and I’m feeling I’m at a new level of going from Glory to Glory as the bible says and where deep goes into deep. 

I’ve really learned to cut back on what I read and watch on t.v. more.  I’d been a soap addict for years, and trying to stop watching and would for a few months and start up again.  I committed six months ago to not have the t.v. on when I got up in the morning and started watching Kenneth Copland, Kim Clement and other videos.  When I found Beyond the Veil Ministries in June, I started listening to ministers from around the World and learned about Kingdom living. 

How I can put this past year in one phrase: Watching out for the brownies that have poop in them.  You wouldn’t eat them so why would you watch shows or read books that would defile your mind?

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