my “bumper” crop

The other day I was coming in from my porch and I bumped into the table where my garden starts are. Everything hit the floor, some clay water trays broke, and dirt was everywhere.

I manage to save the lavendar starts, and my basil as the roots were still in clumps of dirt and I swept up the dirt. I wasn’t sure about the other three smaller clay pots that were nearly empty, not only that the labels had fallen out as well. I knew one was thyme and was in my blue and white pot, but I don’t know which is the chamomile and which is the lavendar.

Yesterday morning, I spotted two leaves sprouting from my thyme container. This morning both the lavendar and the chamomile are leaves coming up as well. So its safe for now.

My beans and peas seem stable and I’m going to transplant them this weekend and start another bean plant and another pea plant. While watering the tomato plant in my strawberry pot, I noticed that a bean I planted several weeks ago is also sprouting.

My peppers are growing and my lettuce is coming up. I think putting them on the plant stand was a good idea. I planted another container of lettuce and put it on one of my chairs on the porch.

This weekend I’ll take a look at the area where my daisies are and then google (again!) to see if planting some of my garden there will be okay for the duration of summer. I won’t move anything until after I get back from Arizona as I don’t want to make watering harder on anyone tending my garden while I’m gone.

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