A mom’s life

A mother’s life is ever changing. From the time she marries and has her first child, her life is not her own anymore. Gradually she will be able to move into different stages of motherhood where she will find that the things she did or the dreams she had when she was single will come to pass and at times she will find others have joined her in her plans and she has found room for them in her dreams.

Even though the life is ever changing, the events don’t alter much. You still have sleepless nights whether your child is in the crib in the next room, or living 3 hours away from you. You still worry did you say or do the right thing in guiding them to being the responsible adult they need to be.

You wonder how as God changes you will the changes affect your child as you continue to grow in your relationship with Him, because the relationship you have with Him today is not what it was when you were first married or when your child was younger.

What I’m learning and still learning is that when our children are in His hands, we really don’t have to worry. We’ve given Him the control and to take it back means we are giving the control to the enemy. It is hard to do when you can remember your daughter crying in the other room to be picked up after you’ve put her to bed and you know you have to let her cry it out. The feelings are the same even though the situation has changed and she’s move out of the home.

Psalms 91 is God’s promise that we are always in His hands no matter where we are in our lives. He promises to never leave us nor forsake us in Hebrews. He will always be there no matter what our children go through or what we as moms feel as we watch from the sidelines of their lives.

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