Making Bath Oils from the herbs in my herb garden

I went out to check on my herb garden from the freezing weather we’ve been having. My Lavender, Rosemary and Sage plants seem to be weathering well. I did cut off the dead blossoms from a couple of the Lavendar plants. (I know this should go in my “ blog but its part of my journey that’s why its here.)

I cut off a large chunk of the Rosemary and decided to start making some bath oils.

I found a large Mayo container with a lid that I stuffed the Rosemary leaves in and shoved in as much as possible to fill the jar and then filled the jar with a 24 oz bottle of canola oil. Use a knife around the edges to clear out the air bubbles. The scent of the Rosemary is strong and with the canola oil it makes a good fragrance. I did a smaller one last year just to experiment and it was pretty easy.

Let the oil sit in a warm area for about 10-14 days. You can let it sit for up to two months if you’d like for a stronger scent. I’ll have more batches to make up every couple of days to keep it rotating.

After the time has lapsed, strain through cheese cloth into another clean jar and cover that jar and let it sit for another 7 days. After this, I’ll be pouring the bath oil into small wine bottles that I’ve had around for years to do this project with (currently housed in the cupboard about the washer and dryer that I’m reorganizing for my garden seeds and other gardening stuff that stays indoors).

Eventually I’ll be doing bath salts using the oil from this method. I’ll post how to do that when I make those. I want to use as much of what I have here and grow on my own for most of what I do. For me it makes the giving of it to others a little more personal.

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  1. Cheyl how wonderful! What amazing little talents you have. What a great gift givng idea year round and so much more persoanl and specail as I think those that are mad with love are the bes. Blessing

  2. Thanks Beth! Part of the journey is again working on making my house a home like I had done years ago but got away from it. I didn't realize how big my Rosemary was until I went out this morning. We are expecting snow this weekend so I am hoping that and the four lavenders and the one sage I have can withstand it this time of year. Last year it snowed on Easter and it was okay then as we did have some spring under our belt before then.

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