Lola has a tude!


When two directionally challenged people share a car on what should be an 8 hour road trip you know something is bound to happen.  I had printed a map from google maps.

Brenna and I were heading to Tacoma to a conference sponsored by NW Ekklesia. It is a chapter of Christians in various walks of life that pray for the Pacific Northwest. The conference was called The Gathering and it was nothing short of its name. Over 100 people came from all over the world to gather together and worship the Lord and learn how to seek more of His presence.

Our journey started out  in February with me first deciding how I was to go to Tacoma. I have been friends with one of the speakers David Joseph for several years and anxious to meet him and others in our tribe. At first Dale was going to drive me up and he’d hang out in Seattle like he usually does when he takes me to these events. I didn’t like that as I wanted to spend the time with him if we drove anywhere.

The next option was to fly. I had miles owed back to me from when I went to Uganda in 2010, but not enough for the airline they were with. I looked to transfer them to another company but that didn’t work either. So I ended up paying for my flight. Next was to find a taxi as I seemed to have booked a flight to an airport that was 40 miles from the conference.

I was looking for a motel around 60.00 a night as I didn’t know anyone personally going nor what the room set up was.

I found a roommate and the room was going to be twice what I wanted to spend but it included breakfast so I felt it was a little more reasonable.

My plan was also to sell my books out of my suitcase but was told for tax purposes it was not advisable.

So I asked for more authors to join me at a table. I found five including two local people, one of them being Brenna. Brenna needed a room and my roommate brought a friend with bringing each of us paying 180 for 4 nights at 45.00 a night! It worked out well as I had 7.00 a day parking tacked on.

Since we were allowed to sell products and after my fiends Michael C  King  ( and Seneca Surborn ( coaxing me to start my business and walking me through ropes and such, Eagle’s Garden was launched that weekend in Tacoma.

So Wednesday morning Brenna and I headed out of Brookings.

We stop in Port Orford for a potty break and continue on to Michael C King’s house in Portland to pick up his books.

After we left, we got lost trying to find the interstate. This was a short one and we managed to get going quickly. We crossed over the Columbia River and head into Washington. Things are fine until we start looking for our exit into Tacoma. We can’t find it and head into Gig Harbor.

While at the little market we get snacks and I ask a gentleman if he knows how to get to the Tacoma Greater Center. I show him our map (yeah that didn’t help!) and he told us where to get back on the freeway. He asked where we were from and we told him Brookings. His eyes got big as he said his brother lives there!

We made a wrong turn again but found the freeway. We decided if we couldn’t find 21st street 19th was just as good and we would find “C” street to the hotel. Yeah that might have been a good plan but it wasn’t. Mostly because we knew we were close but didn’t know that we had circled the block 5 times and passed the Hotel.

When we finally figured out where we were at and got semi settled in, despite my wardrobe malfunction I decided to just let it go and move on.

We picked up a lady at the hotel named Aspen Morrow who road over to the Greater Tacoma Conference Center with us. She thought I was pretty friendly handing my purse to her to hold on the ride over.

We get set up and friends arrive and I squealed and cried as I got to meet those who have blessed me in my journey in being a writer.

Brenna and I go in to the conference and I just start weeping as I feel like I am home with family.

During the time there God told me to bless Brenna with opportunities  to meet with other authors and speakers to seek what her heart desires.

I was so blessed to see her joy. We had great speakers with Michael Danforth and Mike Parsons. They spoke on accessing spiritual realms that have been lost in the shuffle and twisted by the devil.

Sunday I took Brenna to the church she went to when she lived in Tacoma. We followed the less faithful paper map and got lost again. Finally Brenna opened up her data and found Google maps. We used the directions and decided to activate the voice later on.

We named her Lola.

Lola got us to Brenna’s church in Fife. I didn’t have Lola with me so I was making sure I could get back to the conference center. Ironically we found the 21st street exit we needed four days ago.

That afternoon we had found a place to stay the night so we wouldn’t have to drive at night.

After we got the car packed up we realized we didn’t know where we were going. We went back up to the conference room we used and found who we were staying with and helped other venders finish packing up.

We decided we would meet at The Ram on the Waterfront and let Lola pave the way.

Lola was faithful even when we got lost heading to Puyallup.

The next morning we ask Lola how to get back to 705. We realized we were going the wrong way. Lola decided she wanted a scenic route and we didn’t blame her and thanked her for her directions. After about an hour of this we found the highway. We decided to look for an IHOP. I went down 705 where the Tacoma some was to the right of me. Didn’t think much of it until we had to turn around and saw it in the left where I normally saw it. By the third time and it was much closer on the left we figured something was up with Lola.

We found an IHOP and Jose was wonderful to Brenna not to kind to me as my phone died and I needed with a charger or Internet to contact Michael and deliver his books.

An older man sat next to us and I started a conversation about God with him. It was a good conversation and when he said he had a doctor’s appointment to go to I asked if he was okay. He had a busted up elbow that was giving him problems. I asked to pray and he said I was sweet to ask but no. He obliviously does not know me! When he leaves, I pray for all the muscles, tendons and anything that was out of order in his elbow to bring it in God’s order for his life. I like these type of prayers because I have faith that he is healed.

We got on the road again. And took the wrong exit. We found ourselves back near the conference center. At the stop light Lola chirped up: turn left and pick a lane!”

We were shocked and started laughing so hard! We found where we were to go and headed south to Oregon. Lola got us back on the freeway and was silent for the next 113 miles until we go to Portland. Again we had trouble finding our way around and Lola seemed to have been happy to help us once again. I kind of got mad at her when we got onto a four lane freeway and she told me to take the left lane. Like that was going to happen!

For the rest of the trip she was quiet as we knew how to get home.

Lola’s a good friend, but I think I’ll see about getting a gps for the car. The day took a 7 hour drive to a 15 hour nightmare.

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