Listening to the Heart beat of God

Recently I made a decision that was tough on my end as it does go against every part of who I am and what I was raised in. I became a church drop out.

As a child I grew up in the Catholic Church and was confirmed in 1978. However I also had visions and could see things in the spirit but never knew what it was nor did I speak of them.

my walk continued in through other denominations yet still struggled as I could hear and see things but thought I was going crazy.

About 12 years ago I walked through a door of a church and felt at home. I could hear and see the same as others around me. There were other things that I didn’t believe that took place from time to time but as I studied God’s word over the years I found the meaning behind the action.

I was having dreams of events that were taking place and saw them come to fruition over time. I was prophecied over about 24 years ago that I was given the gift of healing. I didn’t know how to run with that and hid it as I studied more. One day I walked into my church and a friend called out “Athena!” Addressing me. I  told her my name and she explained when she saw me God told her to call me that.

I went home and did a word study on “Athena”and found that in Greek it means “Healer”. That opened to door for me and I became a healer and Prayer warrior. It really is not uncommon for someone to stop and ask me to pray for them when I am shopping or outside walking around town.

One of my former pet peeves in a church was the use of flags. I saw them as a distraction until someone explained that a flag when waved caused frequencies to be unleashed in the spirit realm. Its a spiritual form of worship in battle and peace.

As I continue on my journey to listening to God’s heart beat it’s all about frequency and that is what I have been searching is the pathway to His heart beat.


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