“Lest I forget”

When we think of sin, we don’t think of the extreme circumstance.   We don’t think about the consequences that entail until afterwards, when we have that nawing feeling that something isn’t right when we go before the Father. 

Its because when we choose to sin, we forget the promises we have when we are walking in His Kingdom.  We forget about all that God has given us, and in the same sense forget Him.  And He turns His back on us for a time until we are ready to repent, because He cannot look at our sin.  But, He doesn’t forget us. 

When we repent, He remembers only who we are in Him. He doesn’t remember the sin.  We might remember but we aren’t to with any confiction as its been taken care of and we are in freedom. 

A good example of what happens is in Zech 3:1-5.  Zechariah sees a vision of Joshua standing before the Angel of the Lord and satan is on his right side to oppose him. All Joshua sees is the eyes of the Angel of the Lord, and can’t hear a word that satan is telling him.  Joshua in his fithly dirty rags is standing before the King of Kings and looking at Him while the King asks for a clean clothes and a turban for his head. 

Before this, the Lord turns to satan and rebukes him.  satan has no legs to stand on, no accusations to put forth for the King of Kings had thrown them as far as the eyes could see.   They are no more in the eyes of the King. 

So when you are feeling like you haven’t done enough after you’ve repented, read Zech 3:1-5.  Look in the eyes of the Lord, and satan will have no ground to stand on.

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  1. I seemed to have several perpetual sins that would rise up and bite me good. When I was first saved I cried and cried over the least of my sins…usually regarding lusts. Over the years there was a lot less sin but it seemed I didnt cry anymore tears of repentance.I was sure God could never use me know. I just screwed up to many times…over and over and if I were God I would never use me for anything but something hot in hell. My wife in another room emailed me a link to a book. (http://www.newcovenantgrace.com/andre-book/
    Andre' the author and I have become friends. I never understood the grace of God and I was unable to love Him until I realized how intensly he loved me. How crazy in love with me he was and since I got born again..no he doesn't like it if I sin but his love does not diminish one tiny bit. Now thanks to this book I have no more guilt, no more sin and I am totally in love with God and it took many,many years and now I know he really does not see my sin and this gave me freedom to accept and be the person God is making me to be.The link(i think its allowed) is for anyone to get and download FREE his book Grace the Forbidden Gospel-Jesus tore down the veil…religion sewed it back up

    1. What I want to say is it is time we paid attention to every Word of God. Do you know someone somewhere who has trouble, loving, receiving love, or has problems such as lusts or drugs. This takes Apostles Pauls words and gives them new life so to speak.
      Be blessed, Steven

    2. We all have sins that mess us up and it seems that religion plays a good part in that. Remember that even in the bible times there were those that tried to use thier Religion to trip up Jesus so many times. But He knew what was the Truth. He is our example. He looked to the Father, and we must do the same. The devil will try to trip us up but it won't work if we have our eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.

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