In memory of a good friend

I only have a minute to share-

I have pics uploaded on Fb with my african trip and will post my journal here when I can.

Today I am attending a memorial service of a good friend. I met her when she came to town about 3 years ago. A strong woman in her faith in Christ.

As I got to know her I saw how our she was to be a mentor for me in areas that God was teaching me as she had learned them herself. I didn’t understand this position that she had when I first met her and didn’t submit to it at first. As time went by I began to see that what she had been through was what God was showing me that I needed to learn.

Last year we talked about the journey God was putting me on (or so I thought!), about studying the Charismatic Prayer movement for the past 2000 years. She had done a personal study on her own and it was awesome to talk with her the few times we were able to meet.

We were in the same bible study together with Biblical Foundations of Freedom and I know she had problems with small areas of the book, not doctrinal issues but small grievances of personal differences. But she came when she was able to combat her illness.

Her spirit sang everytime we got together of love and joy and how much God loved us and cherished us. There was a word that she used one time that we don’t use often enough and for weeks several of us had discussed it throughout our Wednesday night bible study and in our women’s study.

The word is “revere”. Reverance to our God. I knew this affected her greatly that we revere the one who created us. We honor Him that is Holy.

Yesterday our pastor did a short sermon on the definition of Holy, Redeemed and Sanctified. I think Kay was looking down and smiling as we were sharing yesterday our thoughts on these three words knowing we would come to this thought:

God is Holy, He redeemed us through His Son Jesus Christ, and we are sanctified (set apart from the world) through the blood that Jesus shed.

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