I bought a beef steak tomato plant and a crookneck yellow squash today(In the chair on the left). I sure hope I’m done!

I moved my starters on to the stand again to make things easier for watering for later in the week. The plan is when the zuc and the two cukes up on the top start to grow out more, they’ll cascade down the stairs. I’m not sure where the other garden that is there already is going. I’ll be adding the yellow squash up there also. Not sure why my pickling cuke is holding back. (the top left). I found if I move the table under the stand a little more, the overflow of watering the peppers falls into the begonia.

I picked up some soup cups at the misson to use for my plant drainage and to also bright up my plant area a little bit more with the mixture of containers I have already on the plant stand.

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