How emotions change personality traits

Remember Paul? A Roman solider determined to kill off Christians. His pride got the best of him and being the arrogant person he was nothing stood in his way. He had a goal, and no matter what he wax going to achieve it. Until Jesus stopped him literally in his tracks, falling to the ground.

His pride gone, Paul was left to people he didn’t know guiding him in his blindness.

Then God sends Ananias to go and pray with Paul. It was an act of faith just for Ananaias to leave his home and go to the street Straight and trust that Paul would not kill him.

This Paul that Ananias met was a new Paul. He was humble. Still arrogant but humble.  His arrogance would still be a factor in his life but added with humility there would be a different outcome.

In studying just these three words humility, pride and arrogance,  I discovered that the emotion was a noun and the personality trait is an adverb.

the bible says that pride goes before a fall. Paul’s pride was going to kill him someday as it was being filled by his arrogance. Yet the same arrogance filled with humility brought a life to Paul that was everlasting as he was giving back to the Christians what he had taken and that was freedom.

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