His Mercy is new every morning

I have the best conversations with God when I’m in the shower! 

This morning He was showing me what Mercy really means.  It means that once you have repented, whether you stole something from someone that didn’t belong to you, this includes their heart, and their life, He showers you with Mercy.

Even when family and friends will bring up the things that you’ve done, Mercy still reigns from the Hand of God.  Guilt has no power anymore. 

When a person trys to hurt you with your past, that person hasn’t recieved the true meaning of Mercy themselves.  Instead of standing on the guilt they are trying to push on you through harsh words, you can bring life into the situation by reminding them that part of you is now dead through the blood of Christ.  His Mercy is new every morning.  “There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” Romans 8:1.  Guilt condemns!

So today if you are hanging on something that is holding you back, repent!  His Mercy is new today over you! What happened before this moment is gone!

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