The heart God wants

I was reading in the 4th Chapter of Genesis today and while reading about Cain and Abel I it amazes me how many people think God rejected Cain for the offering, when it wasn’t the offering it was the heart behind the offering. He was giving what he had. Abel was giving out of his heart.

That’s the heart God wants for us, is one that is in line with His. Its the only thing He asks from us. We can ask Him anything and He will answer, always. It just may not be what we want or expect. When our hearts are in line with His, when our flesh has died, do we see His Heart and know that they will beat the same heartbeat.

As I continued to read, it was the ground that was cursed, the ground that Cain worked on, as the blood from Abel was crying out from it. The curse was lifted several generations later, and then the flood destroyed all that lived on the earth and it was made like new again with Noah and his family.

And when Noah disembarked, he built an altar for the Lord. And gave from his heart, because he walked with God and God found favor in him.

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