Healing Frequencies

God is moving me in a new direction in what He’s been teaching me on healing.

I am more dabbling at playing the guitar at the moment but learning of a new frequency of playing music in an A=432 frequency. I post the link with more information here but I’m excited as if you know me I have to have a purpose in my learning.

Another area is learning the frequency in our plants mainly herbs and flowers. For th past several years I’ve been making my own shampoos hair rinse as well as pain relievers and other things from the herbs I grow due to the number of chronic illnesses I’ve acquired. I have found that they help and also have given samples to friends who are addicted to the natural ingredients. I’m switching my diet over to Paleo also due to food that is affecting my body.

I’m excited to venture in this new journey and also to be able to teach what I learn to others.

I hope you will join me as we discover God’s plan for healthy living.

Here is the flower essence website: http://www.freedom-flowers.com/

Here is the healing frequency website:  http://www.healingfrequenciesmusic.com

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