Going back to 50 day journeys

Last year at this time during a prayertime I felt the Lord was calling me to do a one year journey instead of doing seven 50 day journeys like I had been.

As I look back on this year, I can see why it was a year long journey. I’ve expanded my territory beyond the American borders, I’ve been to a Carmen concert and several other things have taken place that shows that a year long journey was a good thing to do.

On the other end as I look around even though Spiritually things are in order for the most part, other areas in my life are out of control.

While in Uganda, I chose to only wear one skirt with one of two t-shirts that were provided by Hope 4 kids. I wanted to know while in another culture what it would be like to only have one outfit to wear every day for the next 12 days. I did change for church the first Sunday but stayed true to my commitment for the rest of the time. Did I make a change? Only in myself.

As I went through my closet many times since coming home and my dresser drawers I’ve been almost ashamed as to how much I have to wear and to choose from on a daily basis. As I do laundry and find the hamper half full of clothes that are mine, (we have the heat turned down so I’m usually wearing two sweatshirts and a long sleeve shirt daily), my heart breaks that I know I have way too much.

Even rooms in my house are so cluttered because we are trying to downsize our home yet, we don’t know what to do with what we have. We clean out one room, but store all that was in that room in another room that is off limits to guests who enter.

During the year I had made lists when I had big projects coming up so I would be organized. They were so helpful in a lot of cases. I was surprised when I put “spend the day with hubby” down for the last Saturday in October before I left for Uganda, I was done with everything for the trip that I had the day free. However, he didn’t as he had to work!

I don’t know what this year will bring as my heart is already breaking as events have taken place that are only in God’s hands.

One other thought on my 50 day journeys that plague my mind as I write this.

In the Bible when you have a field that you have seeded and harvested for 6 years, you have to let it rest for the 7th year. I’ve been doing 50 day journeys for 6 years prior to last year. It was a good rest, but now its time to plow the field again for another season.

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