A gardening goal

Since I’m doing an actual garden this year, I figure I should start looking over the area I’m planting in.

I started with my herb/rose prayer garden this afternoon. Yes, its a bigger mess then last year or the pic above. My lavendars need clipped back of dead branches and I cleaned up one while I was there. I also noticed that the rose bush that was small last year and had black spots ( I cut off the infected leaves but didn’t do the soap mixture for black spot that I do), is growing nicely and no black spot as of yet.

My rosemary bush has really over grown, and I noticed that the rose bush that is in front of it is still rather small for a minature so I cut back the Rosemary quite a bit.

I’ve labeled my herb/prayer garden on FB as to who is who so if you are friend on FB and I tag you in the photo, that’s your plant! (If you aren’t there, don’t fret, I probably have you indoors!) The herb/prayer garden is from a past bible study I was in and a few women from a message board I’m on that have encouraged me over the years.

The main area that I’m going to be working on this year I do need to find new homes for my daisies. The mums have run its course out there so I’ll be digging them up in the next few weeks. I’m studying what type of soil I need for the ground.

I did discover a few days ago that pouring a little lime on the soil where an Oregano is planted helps with the acidicy of the soil for the plant. I don’t know if I’m transplanting my Oregano yet this year in the herb garden. It might grow better out there as it didn’t do much this past year but is still alive. Funny thing was, I have it under the same florecent lamp as the basil, and when the first basil died, the oregano grow about a couple of inches. It stopped growing when I replanted the basil again. And they are in different pots!

So my goal is to try to spend at least 20 minutes outside investigating my garden area for the next few weeks. I still need to do the two small bags of weeds everytime I go out to start toning down my weed problem. Clover has really taken over in many areas of my yard where it was not a problem in past years. Not liking that at all!

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