Garden update

Like I’ve said expert gardeners would frown at my handiwork.

My first crop of beans were eaten the day after I transplanted them. My musk melon that I planted was dug up by a gofer then next day so I planted another one and it took was dug up as well.  I’m also missing a squash plant.

What I’m thinking of doing today since I’m off for the rest of the day is to look up what herbs are good deterents to the animals that like my plants.  I did a study of it many years ago when I did another square foot garden when we lived in Central Point but I don’t think we had the problem with the deer there as much as we do here. 

I’ve got two chamomile plant starts that I’m going to wait another couple of weeks to transplant.  The same with one of the beans that decided to sprout.  I’ve got two cuke starts that my makeshift hothouse has kept them protected for the last month but even now I may have to take the cover off and think about transplanting them. 

Basically what is surviving is the tomatoes my zucch and my yellow squash and my peas, my basic  vegtable staple anyway.

Its a study day for sure.  I’m also wondering of clay pots play a part in basil growing as well as other herbs.

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