A follow up thought to my Ghandi post

In the bible study today the quote began to take form.

Whose kingdom are we serving? Are we serving God, truely serving Him? If we are we will have His fruit of the Holy Spirit in us. We would seek to obey and do His will with all of our hearts.

Are we serving satan? He carries evil like a second skin and a person can have an innumeral amount of demonic activity in their lives.

God can’t voliate his nature. “We have become immune to sin so that we don’t understand that sin in our lives separates us from God. God called each of us to be holy and set apart. We are to be in this world. but not of it. Sadly, many of us are “leavened ” by the things of this world. Then we wonder why God’s power is not evident in our lives or our churches.” Bibical Foundations of Freedom by Art Mathias

This may be why we are not so liked amongst those we are trying to share Christ with. We are doing our own things saying that its okay that we do them even if someone else is convicted of the very thing we are particpating in.

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