Fighting our battles from the source

I believe when God talks to us and we walk in His will, we have to look at what is happening behind the scenes.

Because we are walking in the spirit, the issues fighting our calling are happening in the spirit.

A week ago I submitted my first book for editing and since then my work schedule has been changing. One client needed a change and another has a life threatening issue. Things were on the verge while writing the book, but I knew why they were there.

It’s all about principality. We keep looking at our problems and trying to use resources that were not intended to use to fix it.

Prayer. That is out tool. And learning where we stand in the authority of God.

One area I’ve been practicing is confronting my adversary in the courts of Heaven.

Praying Medic has written a book on this subject called Defeating your adversary in the Court of Heaven at .

The concept is easy. You ask the Father for time in the courtroom. Because He knows our hearts there are differences in how to approach this. I go immediately into the courtroom when I ask. Only once did I have to wait.

After you enter you ask for your adversary to enter. To me he’s close to the poop meme💩.

When he begins to accuse you of anything, agree with him. Neither one of you want to be in contempt of court. Ask the Judge to render a verdict (I haven’t seen Him, but His presence is known). Ask to see your book to see what it’s written. Because you have an advocate in Jesus, it will be blank.

You’ll receive a scroll and the adversary will be told if he is called back in on a similar manner he will be in contempt of court. Court is dismissed.

When I leave the courtroom, I always seem to be walking in a snow like substance to the court of scrolls. They record the contents of the scroll which is a mandate that is in your favor. Then you take it be sealed and then to the court of angels. One or several angels will take the assignment.

I have done this for many things I’ve prayed for. Sometimes it’s a quick prayer and other times it can take much longer. I have prayed for companies to be aligned with the Word of God and have had buckets of scrolls. I had one time taken the scrolls in s bucket back and set it down and the adversary took one of the scrolls in his gunk to hide it. Yes there is a Baliff who went in after it. I took a worship service to the courts one time and the adversary slithered so quick out of the courtroom!

You may be asking if this is real. I’ve seen prayers that I have prayed for years get answered with in minutes with this method. Chains get broken, funds are restored as well as broken relationships.

I believe this is what God meant for us to do when we can’t take our brothers or sisters in Christ to earthy courts.

The heavenly judge knows all where the earthly judge has no idea of of who is standing before them. He will only judge by what he can see, but God will judge on what He knows.

If you are scratching your head on where this is in Scripture: Zach 3:1 is a good start.

Check out Praying Medic’s blogs post:

The Courts of Heaven: Answering the Critics

I have many methods I use in my time with God to reach His heart. It’s a journey to find out what His heart beat sounds.


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