A fast for a breakthrough

I’m starting a fast tonight. It will be for the next 21 days.

In the last couple of weeks it was impressed on me to do one with some friends as we prepared our hearts for what God is calling us to do. I’ll be using my blog as my journey during the fast as I concentrate on what God is showing me during this time.

I’m going back on a vegan eating plan, giving up tv and the internet with the exception of the blog, the emails of encouraging my friends on the fast with me and another prayer group that I’m involved in.

During the weekend I didn’t realize that God had opened a door for me to have a more comfortable place to pray, next to my prayer garden. A friend and I dug (she dug more then I did!) and worked on an area for my bench to sit on using bricks in my backyard that were for a former walkway going nowhere. I’m finishing the project of the walkway this week and working on either a border for my prayer garden or a fence, I haven’t decided which yet.

Fasting to me is a time of reflecting on who God is and also a time of breaking through something that has been a standstill, sitting on the edge of happening one way or another. Its the breaking down of strongholds that have inhibited a closer relationship with the Father. That is my goal.

It will be time of gaining better understanding of my children lessons as I’m writing without distractions that seem to encumber me.

I’ll still be going to Curves every day to break the plateau I’m in and to lose extra pounds that crept up on me during a hiatus I took a few weeks ago when my body was reaking havoc on me.

So that’s my plan.

This should prove to be an interesting journey.

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