I believe God speaks to us in dreams.  Sometimes we can remember clearly and its so lifelike that you wonder if it is truly from God or not until you can pinpoint areas that do show God’s speaking to you.  Other times it could be very foggy and you are wondering why you are wearing large yellow plastic fish earrings to your own graduation.

At night before I fall asleep, I do ask God to take me to His Throne Room.  For some that means a time of intimacy with the Father.  For me, its usually a lesson to be learned, and I find myself walking through steps, or its insight to circumstances where I am feeling overwhelmed and confused by what people say or do.  I do have the intimacy along with the lesson, and I’m sure thats with a lot of people as well.

Throughout the Bible God spoke in dreams to Joseph, and others.  It was His plan, His way to communicate to use through the quiet and resting time.   I don’t see anything wrong with writing down what you dreamed and researching it for yourself. 

God does have a sense of humor when He talks to us.  For example when my sewing machine was on the fritz, and I didn’t know how to put the tension back together, I went to take a nap.  Yes I know it was out of the frustration that I dreamed about the sewing machine tension, but when I woke up, I put the whole part together with in a couple of minutes. 

I know there are skeptics on this topic.  And this isn’t the place to argue about it.  Its just where I’m at in my journey seeking the heart of God.  If that’s His desire for me as well, I accept the manners in which He choses to talk to me and to share with me.

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