“Don’t allow yourself to be hurt to avoid hurting the slug”

A few weeks ago when I was setting up for  a Dag sewfest at my church, I noticed a slug on the front window when I was leaving the building.  When I opened the door, it fell off and was in the way of me trying to get out of the building and I didn’t want it squished by the door so I eased my way out of the door, saved the slug, but wrenched my hip by straddling the door.

Lesson learned.  And Devo developed. 

The lesson:  Slugs ruin things, plants, leave their slimy mess as a trail to where they have been.  The squishy mess is small compared to the damage a slug does to a garden.  We don’t have to care about them.  I know my friend has a slug race every year, and I’ll leave that option open for them as it helps her business and others at the port during this event. 

But for the rest of the time, slugs have no place in the garden of our lives.  Metaphorically speaking, they will destroy the Garden that God has placed you.  Like the cunning snake, they will continue to leave their slimy mess behind them if you let them get away with it.  They will distract you from your purpose of providing for those you care about if you let them rule your garden space.  There is a place for slugs, but not in the garden where substance is provided.  . 

When approacing the slug, remove it.  Don’t let what its brought with him to pollute what God has already set in place for you.  They carry with them  diseases from other plants and transfer them to your own garden.  If God has already told you what to do, do it. 

What happens if you let the slug continue to roam in your garden?  Manipulation, deceit, resentment, bitterness and rejection start to grow because you’ve started to make a place for the slug to thrive where it really doesn’t belong.  Soon you won’t even reconize your garden because the slug has taken over.  The plants that you planted are ruined because of the attention you gave the slug.  There’s not life left in the garden. 

So today, get the slug out.  Do whatever you have to do to make sure it doesn’t return.

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