developing Eagles eyes

Hard to believe it’s been a year since I posted!

Life is a wonderful journey full of ups and downs but when your goal is to walk in the steps of the Father anything can happen.

I had a full circle event a few weeks ago.

It started in 2009 when I was going to purchase a guitar. I had saved up bonuses from work and was ready to buy one. My friend Kim went with me to Medford and I had one picked out. I decided I would purchase it on my way home back to Brookings the next day.

Sunday morning we were at a church in Rogue River where pastor Donaldson gave a sermon on giving More. God was speaking to me to give to the house of prayer they were opening. So I gave my bonuses.

I retuned home with no guitar but blessed that I have to something that was close to my heart.

A week later I woke up to having shingles in my right eye. We spent the next several weeks in and out of doctors offices and pharmacies. Couldn’t see for three weeks as while my right eye was closed due to shingles my left never stays open by itself.
During my time of solitude I spent many hours in the presence of God and had a vision of being an eagle flying over Petra. I had wanted to see inside the houses built in the rock as people were milling around the city, but God told me that my eyes were not ready.

Five and a half years later: I finally bought a guitar. The very day I sprain my left wrist leaving me with again having to be immobile for a few days as in left handed and could do anything!

For Christmas I went to my daughter’s church and the service was as if God was telling my story as I listened to the speaker and also the minister talk about their prayer house! Later the speaker spoke about eagle eyes and I knew I now had them.

When I can I’m changing the name of the blog to “developingeagleeyes” as I see this a a new leg in my journey. I’m excited to see what is going to happen!

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  1. It appears many of us on a new path a journey this year. I re started blogging abit myself this year. Back to writing some poetry. I always love reading your blog Cheryl. Blessings

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