Death has no sting

A friend died on Monday. She was a client that along with her husband who preceded her six months to the day.

After a while a caregiver becomes family. Granted we aren’t suppose to get to know our clients but after a couple of years that motto goes by the wayside.

She had an amazing life. There were things that occurred that as everyone goes through she wished she had changed.

This got me to ask questions.

What would you change? Would you do something different? Before you find yourself looking back, would you change how you react to situations that caused a rift with your children just because you were a parent? Would you  watch how you spend your finances? Where you lived? Work?

We need to take inventory of our lives from time to time and make sure things are how we want to reflect when we are gone.


side note: get a will and a dual power of attorney. You never know what will happen and having someone representing you when you can’t is a good thing.

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