Day one of Daniel Fast

I worked last night so when I got off work this morning I went straight to bed. I did pray throughout the night for my co horts and myself for areas that we are praying about on our trip to Africa in November.

One big area that I see already is communication. Both of my friends communication in different ways, one prefers emails and the other doesn’t. I have put it in email form for both so that its written down anyway.

I did clean up a lot around my home and went to Curves as planned. At noon I sat down and prayed again for my friends and for their families to see what we are seeing as we prepare for the trip.

I’m reading Derek Prince’s book “Shaping History through prayer and fasting. He brings out a lot of things about how prayer and fasting combined hold back events that could be detrimental in our lives.

For those who don’t know, The Daniel Fast is a vegan fast. There are different types of fasts in the Bible for different ways and for different meanings. The forty day fast Elijah and Christ participated in and that was mainly no food or water. The three day fast in Esther was also no food or drink and brought courage to the young lady to stand up to the king and risk her life for her people.

The Daniel Fast occured when Daniel decided to not eat anything any meat or sweets and no milk touched his lips. He fasted for 21 days and then an angel appeared to him and told him that he had been detained by the prince of Persia. It was by the assitance of the archangel Micheal that this angel was able to get away. What is also interesting is that no one but Daniel saw this angel. Those that were with him on the banks of the Tigris river had ran away and hid themselves, but could see nothing.

I feel that the Daniel fast was what we needed to participate in. There are obstacles that a couple of us are dealing with that we feel need a breakthrough.

So that was for today. The hardest part was that I’m so used to noise going on in my home that I was frustrated that neither my walkman nor my stereo could get Klove and I couldn’t get it on the net today either. I did listen to the 3rd cd of a series on fasting from Bethel Church at Vista Point in Medford. It was very encouraging to listen to as I cleaned up around my house.

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