Day 21 of Daniel Fast

Its been a good journey. Being the last day I contemplated a lot of things from the past few weeks that took place. I’ve stayed away from meat products and most dairy products. I tried to do vegan when it was possible and when it wasn’t I stuck to a vegetarian eating plan.

My other commitments didn’t fare as well this past week. I’d love to blame the rain for my staying indoors alot and feeling like there was nothing else to do but watch tv or check my email on the internet. But I know I could have found other things to do when I got other activities done that I had scheduled to do.

God was faithful, even during the times I wasn’t. He still provided in many ways when I failed in my commitments. It didn’t mean that I could just blow off my commitments but that He is soveriegn. Its a word I had trouble understanding for quite a while. I’d heard it so many times but didn’t understand its meaning. The best way to discribe it is that He is merciful. He knows our hearts and I learned through a time of devotion yesterday that when He knows our names, it means He knows our hearts. He knows our hurts and sorrows, and our joys and what makes us happy.
He knows that we do try to keep with our commitments but that circumstances arise due to the world that we are living in. There are times when we have to make a choice, and there are times when we have the choice made for us. My lack of commiting to my goals were my choice. Period. I admitted that to Him.

So tomorrow starts a new day. I’ll do another fast, just not sure when. I had thought about doing one the three days in Arizona, as I want to hear God’s word clearly, and to be encouraged in what He’s called me to do.

I know I’m going to stick with the vegetarian lifestyle moreso now then I had in the past. Some meat will be added once in a while as I need the protein.

I did discover that by taking caffiene out for the past three weeks I’ve slept longer and deeper then I had prior. My dreams were much more vivid and I was able to remember most of them when I woke up in the morning. I believe that God does talk to us in dreams and its up to us to discern which are His and which are just dreams.

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