Day 9 of Daniel Fast

I am reading Derek Prince’s book “Shaping History through praying and fasting.” As I read it I was praying through it for more power in my prayers for good government as that is the will of God. My for the week are prayers for misunderstandings to be resolved and for forgiveness on my part in those misunderstandings, and for guidance as I continually walk in faith in His will.

I worked last night so I didn’t get to my bible study on time, and was woke up by a friend who needed to talk. It was one of the misunderstandings that I really needed clarification on and greatful for answered prayer.

When I arrived at the bible study a new lady was mouthing to me “thank you” several times. I was a little confused until she told me that her living conditions that I had been praying for had improved in the past week. Later I was told that the woman had seen me walking by her home and knew I had been praying for her (word gets around that you prayer walk in a small town!), and she could feel that God answered her prayers along that line as well.

God is showing me that even when there are times when I falter on my list of things I’m fasting from that He’s not setting a hard and fast rule with me. He’s still blessing me, and when I know that something is not something I’m to do I learn to walk away from it as its in line of what I am fasting over. My goal is to walk away from any idle talk, gossip and the like and it includes what I watch on Tv or respond to on the internet.

The other night I had tried to go to bed early as I had to work later that night but couldn’t sleep. Hubby was watching a cute spy movie with Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones. I decided to sit up and watch it with him. When it came to a scene like so many where the couples are rolling around on the floor I thought “great, now I got to leave!” I was starting to get up with Sean Connery said something about how he couldn’t go through with anything more then the kiss, and I was thinking “This is so a God thing!” I was able to enjoy the rest of the movie in peace.

There are still many areas that are small areas still that I know God is going to break through in the next two weeks. I just have to stay focused and faithful. He will bring me through. He is that faithful to His word. I just have to stay faithful to mine.

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