Dag Event today

Today was the Southern Oregon DAG event! 6 ladies showed up, and we made 4 dresses. One of my friends brought a friend with her and the two cut out the dresses from the pillowcases, making it easier on my three sewers.

I usually set the time to be from 10-4 with one shift coming at 10, leaving about noon and then another group coming around 12:30. Around 1:30 when it was down to me and another friend we started packing up. It seems like the little corner that I promised I would use for my DAG stuff gets a little bigger each time I put things away. We left a bag on top of my stuff with the cut outs so that my sewers can just go in, get the dresses and take home what they want from the supplies.

Later I took some cut outs to another one of “my ladies” as I call my sewers as she stayed home to rest today. Her grandaughter is collecting pillowcases from Coos Bay and sends to grandma to use.

My goal is again 100 dresses to be sent to AZ for Hope 4 Kids to take to Uganda.

While at my friend’s home we were talking about my garden. She loves to garden and is helping me to plan it out. I’ve got some ideas later for it that I’ll share. One thing at a time.

I did take apart the upper tension part to my sewing machine as the upper tension spring broke. I’m trying to locate one. I thought something that size that gets used in all machines would be interchangable, but I don’t think so. Not sure I want to spend the 2.95 for the spring and find out it doesn’t fit.

It was suggested I take up sewing machine repair as there is no one here that does that. Another possiblity as I’m having women draging out a sewing machine that they haven’t used for a while, dusting it off and making sure it works before they use it. I’ve been doing some minor repair on some machines and the lady that that I talked to today that told me not to take my tension gear apart even though I already had, made me feel like I wouldn’t be able to get it back together again. That’s what the other machine is for is to see how that’s put together!

Tomorrow is my worship day. Looking forward to it as God is doing some amazing things lately! Can’t wait!

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  1. So Cherly where do you find your pillowcses? Are they just standard size? I know Ive seen your pictures of those darling dresses. But am trying to figure out how you get them into such cute little dresses. Prayers for you and your mission.

  2. Beth, if you look further down my blog you'll see the patterns for them. I use any size.

    Also you can take a fabric and cut them in to 24" wide by 30" square and do the same as the pillowcase pattern. The difference is that with just fabric you would have to hem the dress.

    I usually get them donated or I go to thrift stores and our local mission has them for me at special price as I'm doing it for an organization.

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