Continuing in the vastness of God-

Something that a friend told a group of us years ago and she still says it today “Lord don’t let me be decieved and don’t let me be a deciever. When I say I am truely in awe of how our God works I really mean it. I have watched people who have walked in deception for many years and yet God’ grace and mercy keeps them from stumbling until the time comes that they realized the truth that has set them free from the bondage. They lived and believed the lie that was told through out generations, or even a misconception that has continued for years and lived a life around it.

A funny story that I heard was a lady at thanksgiving got out her roasting pan to cook Christmas dinner. While talking with the other women in the family, she cut off about 2 inches of the ham and put it in the oversized roasting pan. One of the women asked her why she did that. “My mother did it”. As the story goes on, the lady decided to find out for what reason her mother had cut off exactly 2 inches off the end of the ham. She discovered her grandmother had done the same thing. When she finally found out the source, she laughed. Someone’s roasting pan was too small for the ham they had and the cut of exactly 2 inches off the end so it would fit! Back between Genesis Chapter 1:1-2 Isaiah 14:12-21 occured. Lucifer was the highest Cheribum, the one that was in charge of worship in the Heavens. In Isaiah 14:12-21he lost his job because of pride. He is a deciever and he wants to make sure we are living in deception. He doesn’t care about those already walking in it, because he’s got them in his snare. The times he panics, is when praying Believers begin to praise and begin to pray for the lost and name them specifically. Then he starts to squirm because he knows God will win.

When we begin to see that God loves us unconditionally compared to what satan (his name changed when he got kicked out of heaven) tells us that we are loved limitly, because he captilizes on the sinner worth not on the redeemed life, we begin to take off the lies and deception and begin to live in freedom. We begin to live for Him and not in the fear of hurting a family name because the family name is nothing compared to the name of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is total freedom. He came to redeem those that were lost, and living a life of sin, being decieved by a deciever and continued to live in the deception and decieving others. He shed his blood on the cross so that we could have a true relationship with a God who loves us with no boundaries, and when we sin we can go to Him and confess our sins and ask for forgiveness because He does forgive. He brings newness in life, even when we have to clean up the mess we made living a life of deception. He brings a way out when His truth is revealed so healing can begin, not so pain can continue. He is a healing balm.

Another friend told me to read Psalm 91 this year as I go on this prayer journey, because when you develop a communication line with the Father, sometimes you need to be reminded that while you are in the secret place of the Most High you are abiding in the shadow of the Almighty. He protects us from the snare of the fowler, and covers us with His feathers. In Mal 4 there’s healing in His wings for the hurts and pains that we’ve endured because of satan’s deception. You will trample the wicked with praises to the King and they will be ashes under your feet.

Its His promise in His word, and His word does not lie.

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