Cargo Pants out of a sheet

Fold the sheet twice lengthwise. The waistline should be 16″ on the fold (making it a 32″ waist). The baggy part side on the fold is 13″ across on the fold, and tapered to an 9″ at the bottom of the pants. On the side with the open ends and an extra fold, cut a “J” 8 ” from the top and 4″ across. (You should get 3 pairs of pants out of one sheet). You can adjust the pants measurements how you would like, these are just the ones I had.

Cut the fold open on the side and then open the two pieces, place right side together forming a “U”. Sew the two pieces together along side the “U” about 3/4 and then another 1/2 inside to strengthen the crotch area.

On the right side of the pants, will be an inside pocket, taken from two of the “J” pieces cut out earlier. Measure about 4″ from the top, and pin one side of the pocket to the pants matching right sides. Sew. Do the same for the other side.

Open pocket side and iron. Sew a finishing stitch on the front pocket as shown. Do the same for the other side.
I didn’t get a picture of the waistline-turn under top of pants 1/4 and then another 1 1/2 inch for waist band. Sew around waist band along edge leaving an opening for elastic. Cut 26″ piece of 1 inch elastic and pull through. Sew elastic together, making sure it is even all the way around. Close opening.
Sew a 3/4 in hem on the bottom of the pants. Now sew the side seams.
For Cargo Pocket: With the other two “J” pieces, square edges to be even on the sides. fold under one of the pieces like so, and sew a 1/2 ” pleat in the middle.
On the second “J” piece, fold in half right sides together and even the edges for the curve on both sides. Sew the right sides together, leaving an opening to turn it inside out as shown. Sew along the edge.

Sew the pocket on the left side of the pants as shown on the outside fold of the pant leg.

The Finished product. Its hard to see the Cargo pocket but is is there on the left side of the pant!

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