Can we make a difference on our own

We could very well be on the verge of a civil war if we don’t do a few things to turn some things around.

1. Are your friends and family being jeopardize because of what you stand for?

2. If yes, without changing your view, is there a way to repair the damage?

As a country we can’t keep going like this. I do blame the media. If they would stop finding ways on each side to stir this up we could find a middle ground.

I was watching the Presidental address and it seemed as if people were asking questions before a statement was made.

Yes I do support President Trump. We needed to do something different and he is doing it. Before you stop reading as least let me continue.

He wants to make America great. Isn’t that what we all want? Then why don’t we take the horse by the reins and find ways to do it?

Do you need to start a business of some kind? What an awesome time to do it!

Rather then having marches and such why not find ways to make our country great and help seniors who are in need by offering rides and shopping? Or even the homeless by helping expand the shelters that are providing places for them to get on their feet? You may not agree with some policies but at least it’s making a difference.

This is what America is built on. And what makes it great is when we can all work together as a country.

Who knows maybe we will all change our minds about everything in the end.

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