When it’s time to move

Recently my husband and I moved to a new town.

Moving after 19 years in the same house with memories of putting your child’s toys in time out when they were not in the proper place. And forgotten. Memories of hiding Christmas presents and hoping when you move you jokingly say you’ll find them then. By the way, you don’t. But you do find your daughter’s baby bib and the instruction book to the dryer in a cupboard you haven’t open in years (the instruction book was for the dryer you bought six months ago. How it got there who knows as the cupboard really hasn’t been opened in several years or even s decade.

We left our two bed room two bath mobile (sold it to a couple from Paradise Ca who lost their home last fall), and bought a one bath one bedroom mobile home in an adult park to be near our family. And about a third of the size.

It’s been a fun journey. I started working right after we moved and it hasn’t slowed down. I am slowly getting my business back up again. I started making more jewelry.

I will be designing some more cloaks and some sweaters using yarns from local fiber arts distributors.

It was time to move.

How to make the most out of your homegrown corn

The vision for Eagle’s Garden, which is the store to this blog, is simple.

I am a big fan of Jethro Kloss. He wrote the book “Back to Eden”.

I believe that God created everything for the purpose of wholesome living.

Last night while trying to make a cheese tortilla for enchiladas which failed miserably I ended up going to Taco Bell to pick up dinner. Summer months are busy for us as we are still doing activities outside in the evenings so having easy dinners on hand is a big thing for me.

While in the drive thru bells went off in my head as I saw a box of baked tostada tortillas on a shelf above the cash register. Plus not knowing the activities of those preparing the food didn’t help my decision-making skills on this event.

I bring up this episode because we as homesteaders are human. Life still goes on. I heard a minister who even in his good intentions say: Why do we need to be around all the filth of the world when we can have our own plane? Because those living and eating filth are the ones we need to teach.

So my posts are going to be more about homesteading and using what you have, which is how Eagle’s Garden became into being. It started out as a Bigger Mess and has finally evolved into a Beautiful Mess.

So today I am going to tear apart corn.

First off, you can dry the husks and save for making tamales which I’ll add a recipe in a later post and link these together.

Corn Husks:

First, you need to clean the husks and lay them out on cookie sheets. You can overlap them. Set the sheets on the oven racks and leave the door open a little. Turn the oven on to about 160. They dry rather quickly.

When they are done, place in a gallon size bag and use as you would for making Tamales.  I’ll post a video at a later date on making tamales.

Making corn silk tea:

I copied the info from WebMd:https://www.webmd.com/vitamins/ai/ingredientmono-140/corn-silk

Corn silk is used as a medicine. Corn silk is used for bladder infections, inflammation of the urinary system, inflammation of the prostate, kidney stones, and bedwetting. It is also used to treat congestive heart failure, diabetes, high blood pressure, fatigue, and high cholesterol levels.

I dried my corn silk on the bottom tray of my 4 tier food dehydrator while I had my zucchini and yellow squash “zoodles” drying.

I cut them up in smaller pieces and placed them in the tea bags.

Corn cob Syrup and Jelly:

Slow-Cooked Chili


  • 12 large corncobs
  • 4 cups water
  • 1 package (1-3/4 ounces) powdered fruit pectin
  • 4 cups sugar (I use Turbinado sugar)
  • Yellow food coloring


  • Cut corn kernels from cobs and reserve for another recipe. In a stockpot, place corncobs and water; bring to a boil. Cook, uncovered, 10 minutes.
  • Discard cobs; strain liquid through cheesecloth. Liquid should measure 3 cups. Add additional water if necessary.
  • Return to stockpot and stir in pectin. Bring to a full rolling boil. Add sugar and bring back to a boil. Skim foam and add a few drops of food coloring. Transfer to covered jars; refrigerate up to 2 weeks.
Originally published as Corncob Jelly in Country Woman July/August 1993

I make my own corn syrup that I use in place of honey for recipes. When I started doing corn cob jelly since it didn’t gel like it should I used it as corn syrup in recipes



Corn is a viable resource for many things in our society. It’s a great journey to discover the many uses of corn. And I really like corn on the cob covered in butter and on the grill. Yeah, it smokes a bit but  Oh, So good!


When its best to follow the Leader

Driving to Missoula Montana we were following behind 2 semi’s on a highway from Lewiston Idaho. Several cyclists were traveling down the highway that is narrow in spots and winding The scene in front of me was a little scary as the truck ahead of us crossed over into the other lane when facing a blind corner.  It dawned on us that the two were in communication with each other. The first driver would let the second driver know when there were no cars in the next lane to pass the bikers.

The important part? The second driver has to trust the first driver completely on their journey. In this case, it seems they know each other and works for the same company.

But what if the second driver didn’t trust the first driver? Assuming that the job of the first driver is to watch the road for the truck behind him. Through conversations, I have had with truckers some consider themselves in a league of their own when on the road. What if a driver didn’t want to be part of the pack? In this case, the second truck would more than likely cause a huge wreck in the small area. Casualties will arrive and even death could occur depending on the severity of the accident.

This is exactly what the Christian walk is about. God our Father sees everything in front of us, guides us through every curve and winding road when we trust Him, even when we have to cross over in another lane to pass another person on the same journey when things start moving faster for us. When we choose to ignore His Word, and the relationship and do our own thing, tragedy strikes because we didn’t want to trust the one before us.

It’s no wonder our world is so divided when we have decided to walk away from an Omnipotent God who sees all things even when the road is not what we expect to be traveling on.  We don’t know the truth of what we see and decided to believe anything that comes down the turnpike. We take the fast route to get to the next destination to fill the beliefs we have formed from tidbits instead of seeing the whole story. In addition, blaming out here for not looking at their side of things. We are grabbing at whatever truth fits us.

The cyclists represent the ones want to enjoy the scenery a little better. I remember when I worked in Yellowstone years ago the roads only took you through 20 % of the park, it was how much of it you desired to see of the park depending on what form of travel you wanted to take. A group of us hiked from the canyon area to another area and walked through swamps green pastures and found the right trail after several hours of wandering. Apparently, it had not been used much. But the beauty of what I saw then hits me with lovely memories.

It’s best to have a driver who can see ahead in this journey to follow after. I personally believe God is the driver and He has put in place the people He desires to help us follow His heart. It may not look like Him only because we haven’t searched out His heartbeat. It’s a slow and steady beat like that of an 18 wheeler.

I have a tendency to root for the underdog. You know who they are. They are the unseen Heros that no one notices.

They are the landscapers to the church, the mechanic who found the right part for your car, the janitors in companies, and the mousy girl in the typewriting class in Highschool.

Life may or may not have been easy on them but they persevered. They worked long hours to make sure you had everything you needed to succeed.

Don’t forget them. They are your life blood.

A few years ago I had a dream where Dale and I had so much produce from our garden, that we set up a booth in our front yard to give away. Every day people came to get the produce and in the morning we refilled the shelf.

It was months later while the produce was still being set out, someone asked where we were as they hadn’t seen us bringing out the produce in a month but it was still coming. It broke my heart when I woke up and felt that no one noticed we were gone. Where we were I don’t know but we still provided the produce.

Everyone needs an underdog in their life, the person that holds you up so you can function, however who is holding the underdog?

They are usually the ones who are the DIYers, the inventors in life and have the toothpicks in their eyes because they have the same American Dream you have and have to find their own way to acheive the goal.

Listening to the Heart beat of God

Recently I made a decision that was tough on my end as it does go against every part of who I am and what I was raised in. I became a church drop out.

As a child I grew up in the Catholic Church and was confirmed in 1978. However I also had visions and could see things in the spirit but never knew what it was nor did I speak of them.

my walk continued in through other denominations yet still struggled as I could hear and see things but thought I was going crazy.

About 12 years ago I walked through a door of a church and felt at home. I could hear and see the same as others around me. There were other things that I didn’t believe that took place from time to time but as I studied God’s word over the years I found the meaning behind the action.

I was having dreams of events that were taking place and saw them come to fruition over time. I was prophecied over about 24 years ago that I was given the gift of healing. I didn’t know how to run with that and hid it as I studied more. One day I walked into my church and a friend called out “Athena!” Addressing me. I  told her my name and she explained when she saw me God told her to call me that.

I went home and did a word study on “Athena”and found that in Greek it means “Healer”. That opened to door for me and I became a healer and Prayer warrior. It really is not uncommon for someone to stop and ask me to pray for them when I am shopping or outside walking around town.

One of my former pet peeves in a church was the use of flags. I saw them as a distraction until someone explained that a flag when waved caused frequencies to be unleashed in the spirit realm. Its a spiritual form of worship in battle and peace.

As I continue on my journey to listening to God’s heart beat it’s all about frequency and that is what I have been searching is the pathway to His heart beat.


My people suffer for the lack of Knowledge

There are a lot of things happening in the spirit realm and several venues are up in arms about is looking up scripture that only fits half of the issue and we scratch our heads trying to figure out the other half.

Recently I watched a video where several people were calling the sheep to come to them but they wouldn’t budge. But when the shepherd called they cam running to where he was standing.

Christ has said that “My sheep hear my voice”.

Yet we also question His voice when He calls us to do the very things He did and more! We are allowing ourselves to suffer by not following after His voice and trust Him. We are too busy fighting over what the culture was like when Jesus walked the earth yet He was the one that always messed up the Sabbath rules by healing withered hands, blind people at the pool of Bethesda,  or raising people from the dead. He did not follow protocol when He was about His Father’s business and neither should we.

Sin in the Camp

“First thing in the morning you will be called up by tribes. The tribe God names will come up clan by clan; the clan God names will come up family by family; and the family God names will come up man by man. The person found with the cursed things will be burned, he and everything he has, because he broke God’s covenant and did this despicable thing in Israel.”
Joshua was up at the crack of dawn and called Israel up tribe by tribe. The tribe of Judah was singled out. Then he called up the clans and singled out the Zerahites. He called up the Zerahite families and singled out the Zabdi family. He called up the family members one by one and singled out Achan son of Carmi, the son of Zabdi, the son of Zerah of the tribe of Judah.
Joshua spoke to Achan, “My son, give glory to God, the God of Israel. Make your confession to him. Tell me what you did. Don’t keep back anything from me.”
Achan answered Joshua, “It’s true. I sinned against God, the God of Israel. This is how I did it. In the plunder I spotted a beautiful Shinar robe, two hundred shekels of silver, and a fifty-shekel bar of gold, and I coveted and took them. They are buried in my tent with the silver at the bottom.”
Joshua sent off messengers. They ran to the tent. And there it was, buried in the tent with the silver at the bottom. They took the stuff from the tent and brought it to Joshua and to all the People of Israel and spread it out before God.
Joshua took Achan son of Zerah, took the silver, the robe, the gold bar, his sons and daughters, his ox, donkey, sheep, and tent—everything connected with him. All Israel was there. They led them off to the Valley of Achor (Trouble Valley).
Joshua said, “Why have you troubled us? God will now trouble you. Today!” And all Israel stoned him—burned him with fire and stoned him with stones. They piled a huge pile of stones over him. It’s still there. Only then did God turn from his hot anger. That’s how the place came to be called Trouble Valley right up to the present time.

Sin in the Camp

For whatever reason and it’s unknown to me, this is one of the many bible lessons that have stood out to me.

There are plenty where you read of God’s articles are plundered such as when Babylon when it captured Jerusalem they removed everything from the temple and took it for their own worship of Babylon gods. And Israel was in captivity for 70 years.

Or when Abraham gave his wife to Abimelech the women in the county were barren. Basically you mess with God He will let you know.

Yes everything changed with redemption and salvation and we are no longer under the old covenant.
But in the demonic world they still are working is if we were. We talk about being under grace yet we fight amongst ourselves what Grace is.

Achan was just one person but his actions affected an entire nation. When we ignore what a person is doing without any remorse or regret it affects everyone around you.
I do believe we cause our own illnesses by the things we put in our own bodies, but we don’t change the things that we carry from our ancestors when we are born unless we start early.
I have a couple of friends who have been dealing with life threatening issues that as I know them it’s not anything from what they’ve done that caused them. That is where spiritual attacks come in.
Keep in mind about something I have as a pet peeve and can easily be from a religious mindset that everything that looks out of order or walks in the door is a demonic attack. Sometimes it really is just a loose wire in the car not satan cutting the brakes.
But that is not saying that there is still sin in the camp and other issues  are affected by it.
When Abraham for the second time gave away his wife with the sister story this time to King Abimelech, the women of the kingdom were barren until Sarah was returned to Abraham.
Again we are under Grace so are events like what happened to the Israelites and also to the women in Abimelech’s kingdom still happening today?
I believe they can because someone who is living with sin in their hearts that is unconfessed can stir other events to occurs because satan’s been invited in the mix. Hearts are starting to wane and even worship is having its issue.
If the church doesn’t learn how to deal with sin without sweeping it under the rug  the structure of church will fall.
There are areas that we have to expose and allow repentance and forgiveness to breath life back in. Otherwise the church will never grow spiritually.

The Journey Begins

Part of my journey with Eagle’s Garden is to bring back to what God had designed for us to be and to use as His created beings.

Yesterday I took a Medication Safety course for work. Do you know that an average person over the age of 60 is on at least 3 to 4 medications? To me that’s a lot! I admit at 55 I am taking that much on a daily basis as well as vitamins and supplements. This is why I’m on the journey.

I am studying about fragments and alters and how trauma has affected out lives for decades. I believe there is a connection.

A fragment or an alter is a soul wound. At times of tragedy no matter how big the tragedy or how old the person a part of the soul breaks off to cover us from more pain. That is a fragment. It can stay there long after the trauma is gone and can affect our lives as we grow older. Our thought patterns change because of the trauma and the fragment that was there to protect us is of no use. We can have pain and discomfort because we haven’t taken care of the issue the fragment is covering up.

An alter is where it’s a person it’s developed and it’s two identities occupy the same body. There can be more depending on how deep the trauma or abuse was.

For the most part when our bodies suffer from fears from something we’ve experienced in the past and we cover it up with more pain meds our bodies break down more with the drugs we are taking to get rid of the pain. Even Tylenol if taken at the 350 mg 4 times a day after 24 hours can be toxic to our bodies.

On the same note, our bodies were never meant to decay and yet because of what we’ve done to them with pain and trauma we have allowed aging to set in at rapid speeds.

My goal is by next year to be able to have a much better understanding of fragments and alters. In addition learning about different MHz in music for the purpose of healing.

God wants His creation to be in total surrender for worship. It’s the way our heartbeats with His which is His desire.

Lola has a tude!


When two directionally challenged people share a car on what should be an 8 hour road trip you know something is bound to happen.  I had printed a map from google maps.

Brenna and I were heading to Tacoma to a conference sponsored by NW Ekklesia. It is a chapter of Christians in various walks of life that pray for the Pacific Northwest. The conference was called The Gathering and it was nothing short of its name. Over 100 people came from all over the world to gather together and worship the Lord and learn how to seek more of His presence.

Our journey started out  in February with me first deciding how I was to go to Tacoma. I have been friends with one of the speakers David Joseph for several years and anxious to meet him and others in our tribe. At first Dale was going to drive me up and he’d hang out in Seattle like he usually does when he takes me to these events. I didn’t like that as I wanted to spend the time with him if we drove anywhere.

The next option was to fly. I had miles owed back to me from when I went to Uganda in 2010, but not enough for the airline they were with. I looked to transfer them to another company but that didn’t work either. So I ended up paying for my flight. Next was to find a taxi as I seemed to have booked a flight to an airport that was 40 miles from the conference.

I was looking for a motel around 60.00 a night as I didn’t know anyone personally going nor what the room set up was.

I found a roommate and the room was going to be twice what I wanted to spend but it included breakfast so I felt it was a little more reasonable.

My plan was also to sell my books out of my suitcase but was told for tax purposes it was not advisable.

So I asked for more authors to join me at a table. I found five including two local people, one of them being Brenna. Brenna needed a room and my roommate brought a friend with bringing each of us paying 180 for 4 nights at 45.00 a night! It worked out well as I had 7.00 a day parking tacked on.

Since we were allowed to sell products and after my fiends Michael C  King  (www.Kingsofeden.com) and Seneca Surborn (Freedom-flowers.com)were coaxing me to start my business and walking me through ropes and such, Eagle’s Garden was launched that weekend in Tacoma.

So Wednesday morning Brenna and I headed out of Brookings.

We stop in Port Orford for a potty break and continue on to Michael C King’s house in Portland to pick up his books.

After we left, we got lost trying to find the interstate. This was a short one and we managed to get going quickly. We crossed over the Columbia River and head into Washington. Things are fine until we start looking for our exit into Tacoma. We can’t find it and head into Gig Harbor.

While at the little market we get snacks and I ask a gentleman if he knows how to get to the Tacoma Greater Center. I show him our map (yeah that didn’t help!) and he told us where to get back on the freeway. He asked where we were from and we told him Brookings. His eyes got big as he said his brother lives there!

We made a wrong turn again but found the freeway. We decided if we couldn’t find 21st street 19th was just as good and we would find “C” street to the hotel. Yeah that might have been a good plan but it wasn’t. Mostly because we knew we were close but didn’t know that we had circled the block 5 times and passed the Hotel.

When we finally figured out where we were at and got semi settled in, despite my wardrobe malfunction I decided to just let it go and move on.

We picked up a lady at the hotel named Aspen Morrow who road over to the Greater Tacoma Conference Center with us. She thought I was pretty friendly handing my purse to her to hold on the ride over.

We get set up and friends arrive and I squealed and cried as I got to meet those who have blessed me in my journey in being a writer.

Brenna and I go in to the conference and I just start weeping as I feel like I am home with family.

During the time there God told me to bless Brenna with opportunities  to meet with other authors and speakers to seek what her heart desires.

I was so blessed to see her joy. We had great speakers with Michael Danforth and Mike Parsons. They spoke on accessing spiritual realms that have been lost in the shuffle and twisted by the devil.

Sunday I took Brenna to the church she went to when she lived in Tacoma. We followed the less faithful paper map and got lost again. Finally Brenna opened up her data and found Google maps. We used the directions and decided to activate the voice later on.

We named her Lola.

Lola got us to Brenna’s church in Fife. I didn’t have Lola with me so I was making sure I could get back to the conference center. Ironically we found the 21st street exit we needed four days ago.

That afternoon we had found a place to stay the night so we wouldn’t have to drive at night.

After we got the car packed up we realized we didn’t know where we were going. We went back up to the conference room we used and found who we were staying with and helped other venders finish packing up.

We decided we would meet at The Ram on the Waterfront and let Lola pave the way.

Lola was faithful even when we got lost heading to Puyallup.

The next morning we ask Lola how to get back to 705. We realized we were going the wrong way. Lola decided she wanted a scenic route and we didn’t blame her and thanked her for her directions. After about an hour of this we found the highway. We decided to look for an IHOP. I went down 705 where the Tacoma some was to the right of me. Didn’t think much of it until we had to turn around and saw it in the left where I normally saw it. By the third time and it was much closer on the left we figured something was up with Lola.

We found an IHOP and Jose was wonderful to Brenna not to kind to me as my phone died and I needed with a charger or Internet to contact Michael and deliver his books.

An older man sat next to us and I started a conversation about God with him. It was a good conversation and when he said he had a doctor’s appointment to go to I asked if he was okay. He had a busted up elbow that was giving him problems. I asked to pray and he said I was sweet to ask but no. He obliviously does not know me! When he leaves, I pray for all the muscles, tendons and anything that was out of order in his elbow to bring it in God’s order for his life. I like these type of prayers because I have faith that he is healed.

We got on the road again. And took the wrong exit. We found ourselves back near the conference center. At the stop light Lola chirped up: turn left and pick a lane!”

We were shocked and started laughing so hard! We found where we were to go and headed south to Oregon. Lola got us back on the freeway and was silent for the next 113 miles until we go to Portland. Again we had trouble finding our way around and Lola seemed to have been happy to help us once again. I kind of got mad at her when we got onto a four lane freeway and she told me to take the left lane. Like that was going to happen!

For the rest of the trip she was quiet as we knew how to get home.

Lola’s a good friend, but I think I’ll see about getting a gps for the car. The day took a 7 hour drive to a 15 hour nightmare.