Being an overcomer

I am an overcomer. That is what I feel like today.

There are times where I have been the victim. But I know that to move from victim to overcomer takes some strategy. In time victim doesn’t fit, because its have been overcomed!

There are times when though that when satan wants to throw his firey darts that he will make us feel like the victim again. But there is a time when you realize that you haven’t been the victim for a long time. You’ve actually overcome the situation, the darts are just that, darts. When the shield of faith is properly attacted, the darts cannot penetrate you.

I learned in “Bibical Foundations of Freedom” in the last several weeks about the sheild in the Armor of a soilder. The shield is a made of leather and is soaked in water to prepare it for battle. When it is saturated, the firey darts of the enemy cannot set it on fire!

Its the same as if we don’t use the shield of faith in our armor of God. The shield dries up and that is how the firey darts attack us!

So today, when you look at your situation, soak your shield in the Living Word of God, saturate it. Then let go of being the victim and release your faith. The battle has already been won. You just have to show up dressed in the armor of God. He will fight for you.

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