Being interchangable


I’ve been getting a word the last few days.

First it came up when blessing someone I forgot to start a washer. It worked out as there were two washing machines and I would save 15 minutes using the top loader. Interchangeable.

The second time was Thursday when I was getting ready to cook a chicken in the crockpot. The crock that I had for the one without the timer and putting it in the one with the timer. They were interchangeable.

Today starts a new season for Dale and I. We are interchanging from the old to the new to the next 28 years.

We stayed in Miranda California for the weekend and taking a backroad to Black Sand Beach back to 101 to take us home. We would have taken a road that took us the back way Ferndale, but we made a wrong turn that took us into Medicino county which is south of the direction we wanted to go. It’s interchangeable but gets us home.

On the way to Fortuna we saw a sign for a gem show in Eureka and stopped there. Had we gone the other way we might have missed it.

I am not apologizing if I ruffled a few feathers with my previous posts. We do need to wake up and start looking at things through the heart of the Father.

Back to interchanging: while we were on the wrong road going south, I was reminded of how far would Jesus go if we went off the beaten path? I know the Holy Spirit loves to hover in the dark places so I do wonder if when we’ve gone to far does Jesus say at a distance and watches as He guides us back to Jesus?

I love to minister to people. I am a Healer and learning more about walking in the prophetic. Normally when Dale and I go on a spontaneous weekend I do that. One of the towns we visit is very dark.  We went to a bead store there and had lunch. My hubby is very sensitive to when the Holy Spirit hovers in those places and it hit him this past weekend while we were there but we took the time for us to recharge on our anniversary and decided it wasn’t the right time. But next time I plan to go and will minister as we will be prepared.

We stopped at a gem show and while I was picking up some stones and beads for a project I saw a pentagram with rocks at the points. I knew it’s purpose and knew my authority in Christ and laid hands on the table where it was sitting. Later I prayed more fervently when we stopped at a rest area for that area and the gem stone. (Again read Micheal C.King’s book Gemstones from Heaven.

We all need to be interchangeable. The only thing that is not interchangeable is our salvation in Jesus Christ. He is the same yesterday today and forever. We are the ones to change but know that there are areas that still will work but maybe a different element is needed

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