As I walk in this journey….

Over the last few weeks I’ve been struggling with some issues. I don’t believe that God can withhold from His children if their hearts are in line with Him. Things of our past have become rooted and they need to be uprooted to have Christ rooted inside us. We can’t serve two masters. However there are habits that cannot be easily broken in some as it can in others.

We have two directions we can take because we serve a God who has given us free will. We can say that we know Him and continue to follow down the road we’ve been following, but even though He’s a God of free will, there are consquences for… our actions and it does lead to daath if we don’t turn away.

I’ve never said that a person who is living a sinful defiant life is going to go to heaven. God is clear about that. However when I say that He knows our hearts, He knows which direction we are really going, and what road we are taking.

I believe that because there are reasons for our actions, and those reasons can be rooted so deep that it would take a lifetime to get to the bottom of it, If the heart is willing to break the strongholds off, God honors the work they are doing.

It goes back to the workers in the field that have worked all day and in the last hour more were hired and got the same pay as the ones who had worked the fields during the day. God gave them each worker the same wages, no matter how long they had worked.

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