Are we micromanaging God?

How do we micro manage God?

Take a look at a widow in your church.
Is she struggling to make ends meet on her social security? Does she need help around the house to keep things running smoothly for her? Is she okay with being on her own, cooking her meals ect?

What about an orphan? This person has no parents to lean on for advice and helping them through the decisions he needs to make to be able to be a productive member of society?

What about the calling your friend has to be a missionary? Are you helping them by any means possible to get them where they need to go?

If a group of people come up for prayer for heart disease. How many do you pray for to be healed?

If a person walks in the door of the church that has stolen from you, what do you do?

For most of these scenarios I left out a question that is just as important: do we have a criteria to stop helping those in need even if the circumstance has not presented itself for change?

How long should we pray for the dead to be raised? (See Michael C. King’s book “practical Keys to Raising the Dead).

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