Eagle’s Garden

Eagle’s Garden started about six years ago after yet another diagnosis. We were already in debt to our ears with countless doctor appointments and prescription drugs and a high insurance deductible that was getting impossible to pay off.

So to add matters worse I wasn’t being called to work ( I work as a caregiver for the state and we are on a database for work) so I spent the year dedicated to start making my own products from scratch that I used on a daily to semi-daily basis.

I make my own laundry soap, shampoo, hair rinse, cleaning supplies, pain reliever, antibacterial cream. I also make my own toothpaste and have had awesome check-ups with the dentist!

In the last year, I’ve been making custom orders of the skin care line for sensitive skin.

I launched Eagle’s Garden in 2016 in Tacoma Washington at an event called “The Gathering”.  My first products were my skin care kit (that I adapted it from another company to fit my needs and love it as it is completely natural and no chemicals),  clothing I design and Jewelry pieces.

During the summer months I’m working in the garden with herbs I use in my products or food or  I’m either canning or dehydrating.  During the winter months, I am usually making a cloak or some jewelry to put up on the website. I have had several custom orders of both that getting them on the website has been difficult lately!

I have affiliated with Amazon to introduce some of the products I use for my skin care and my homesteading lifestyle.  More things will be adding in the next few weeks.

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