My new book is on Amazon!

I am so excited! My first book is on Kindle!

The book has several induendos throughout about the church and things that occur when we neglect who Jesus is.

For example I had a friend say she couldn’t get past the tattoo on the bride on the cover.

It is  sad that in several areas  of neglect the church has put labels on people on how they look and how they live disregarding their walk with Christ.

Lets look at the culture for a moment that Jesus lived in. He had a motley crew for disciples, fishermen tax collectors and other magly sorts including a prostitute who followed Him where ever He went.

Think of the wedding of Caanan. Jesus is there with His mother and his diciples. His mother is an outcast because she gave birth to Jesus while only being betrothed to Joseph. And wedding receptions went on for several days with the couple residing and bedding during the reception.

There was dancing and drinking and all sorts of things going on because it was a party. The disciples were probably drinking as was Jesus and his mother and also dancing. It’s how they celebrated.

The diciples probably being fishermen didn’t clean up too well and smelled everywhere they went.

We need to stop legalizing who Jesus is. It’s not helping His ministry to say that He wouldn’t let you in the church building if you wore torn jeans and a stained sweatshirt because it’s all you had. Or had a tattoo because it meant something to you.



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