I have a tendency to root for the underdog. You know who they are. They are the unseen Heros that no one notices.

They are the landscapers to the church, the mechanic who found the right part for your car, the janitors in companies, and the mousy girl in the typewriting class in Highschool.

Life may or may not have been easy on them but they persevered. They worked long hours to make sure you had everything you needed to succeed.

Don’t forget them. They are your life blood.

A few years ago I had a dream where Dale and I had so much produce from our garden, that we set up a booth in our front yard to give away. Every day people came to get the produce and in the morning we refilled the shelf.

It was months later while the produce was still being set out, someone asked where we were as they hadn’t seen us bringing out the produce in a month but it was still coming. It broke my heart when I woke up and felt that no one noticed we were gone. Where we were I don’t know but we still provided the produce.

Everyone needs an underdog in their life, the person that holds you up so you can function, however who is holding the underdog?

They are usually the ones who are the DIYers, the inventors in life and have the toothpicks in their eyes because they have the same American Dream you have and have to find their own way to acheive the goal.

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